The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 31, 2012

birds of modern media

when i was substituting in the modern culture and media department
at brown, i'd listen to the birds outside the windows of the office
where i slept; i made some recordings. now, thanks to chris diasparra,
i have an open-holed flute and this is the result. and i just saw in
fact the anna halprin documentary and there were birds everywhere in
it. and i just remembered the vultures and hawks overhead here, and
as foofwa and i were walking to or from an event, there were herons
overhead. and i remember that all this beauty will disappear for me
and that my playing can't do it justice, not even the breathing of it
nor the nervousness of repetition and the miracles of losing scales
just at the moment when, teetering, i am wheeling in the sky, the
earth tilting below me, and, my feathers are ruffled, the nighthawk
begins his descent with an other music, for mate and for love, for
the uncanny pleasure of flying

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