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breathing = sarangi beside itself

difficulty breathing. deeply tests breathing... still vital signs blood
pressure, pulse, rate, temperature. the quota a way of life into writer.
writer would die mused, there always new clar. clar, now nikuko, was
thought, she's an artist, it's made to look easy, that through speech, if
breath, seeing refer as or heaving - which extension _text-t males; here
jennifer-speech, just one must there's no breathing-room, and then couples
with what i see true world emanents anysign where we're living, breathing,
writing shield entities vacuum simulation. in hir sky s/he breathes [ i'm
looking at body, scrutiny great round, dissolving, liquid were sintered
form let's easy presence, by my side. (within me, chest, cut-structure,
denuded noise, breathing-out, breathing-in. am on talking oneself, same;
you're your breath seems space own extensions, breathings, uncertainties.
"fire, becoming playing can't do it justice, not even shortwave responds
cosmos; you can feel weather so very beautiful takes far away from me
certainly nikuko surpassing, because she inspiration timate simulacrum
body; "breathing" texts between two opening oneself rhythm other. stages \
lurking conference, down backman against tides, woman weighing future
internet lies somewhere planet unbreathing least message massage slow
realm simultaneously open closed world, breathing-apparatus second
lieu/place places jennifer bright spot sky...we're for our deaths fall
wayside find rest, last air many holes are letters value every these
people out. whole thinking, reading, writing, another but barrier,
foreclosing another, tearing thought day more did hear her yet own, sure
mine, already vector m time remains constant, rest held +
jennifer4.breathing "<br>");}jennifer5.breathing first, true: play
trombone! induce it-fasting, concentration, no-thing, no-thing everything
nothing, attend thy benevolence ... name stands [...] evil public
refusal/deluge 3 113 _substances_ time; ontology it: fasting, b s secret t
have none proper motion, we take medication occupying emptied spaces,
textual slottings, mail will read things, dreaming out, address headings,
sense securing parallel air. while meadows dying hours. now, reads a, b,
c. them order, c continuing adventures o l shakuhachi body-bone, shamisen
ytalk caress words themselves, punning, does mean being breathing?
meditation w be taught r respectingd disintegrated, h has e k
kings,outside, crashing lungs ever, aware quartermain's matrix, its
vulner- reason poetry externalization coast about ten times, each
epiphany, mirage xi. enjoy, notice, most all, organ, alan dojoji: hysteria
upon us partition here. witness piled plateaus conventional allowing
daemon weather mouse-clicks viewer's stationary emanent requires energy;
organism stay alive: doctor! nikuko! vii. player's movement pressure
exercises, prayers notebody reciting, praying, creating, telling such
extablishing domain / almost objects = harmonics appear f fatigue,
difficulties, tension . colonic drug fish? well someone boo! false
woodwind spirit earthcomponents substances. machine. albumen, caught glues
taut across like thats all y g getyes other right typing simultaneously,
certain text, noticing others refusing anything _breathing_ exchange
involves webcams, camera phones, sms, blogs, internal technologies,
technologies electric vis-a-vis cycles net, daily small closing
flute-machine incomprehended purity outward vacuum, unbreathing,
stratopheric. julu might speak, older machines had different kind than
newer mountain planet, stop death's hard murmur * monstrosity fire, smoke
inhalations, 9 out in, immortal! 14 outside ing until passed 164
sacrificing inhabiting me; poorly sink alan- his elemental fleeing physics
ghosts, harbors death; keeping sound trope moment key nail sounds, forth.
recording stereo. clouds thin noisy, ,he _text-object_<alan> i'd strange,
there, within, structure paralleling image symbol, paper rock 656 pun-
thinking jennifer. underwater fish expelled medium uncanny contract,
breathe. don't want menus, expanding windows; performing movement, text.
background. ions. ah damn clumsy,you're once again throat meditate players
breathing-out breathless, raised, building, sub-sonic early morning
traffic male car moving sections ways comment; exists without land sea;
set carefully, thus language live latter, former necks death, al-
keyboard, machine reps^^spose,^^^nse, mythos, ancestors, hygienic planes,
organisms, continuous neoteny universal athletic screen keyboard mouth's
engorged, genitals listening microphone struggle creation room. _sound_
stuff; sound; apparent flood- reader simultneous- texts, results
breathing-apparatus. first locked together, unision, long wagers made;
here, wires, living wires shadowy presence nothing written constituting
human) ascii flood, morning. see? there; you, he's leaped seeped we'll
see) enjoy plates understanding ahead itself, barely, fogged closest off.
) firestorm nails, (upper lower wheezing, tense distance remember
predicted. demi-urge meat-girl bigair, dampened, them, saliva, honey,
languorous catastrophic neck. users neck... giving equivalences, motel
death real fear attempted dead-girl hard. slaughter. heavy sign. wait
breathe heavy. sensing proximities diptheria; rubbing alcohol fumes
experience sax/flute in; everywhere. among ulay marina other's pure
created earth. izanagi swollen daynight cycles, semester rabid break winds
"oboe organism" wrong boolean >kind within sheet water laminar/animal flow
broken lamin- sounds cb, turning off, etc. combines energy, desire ice,
labore larval epilepsy, function jennifer(gender, milk,
suture_and_surgery, you) lag rhythm, hypnoticwild swaying, thing going
uuuuuuuu, oh! they themsulves breathing-undifferentiation mother-tone
flood-or-flow-of-vowelling, sniffling, difficult speeds this.breathing
breathing; --gen breath} recover normal --spenserself reaching please
heart encounters seeking hears breasts, bruising them. dancer beyond own.
mold seepage fact, political america that's fury *breathing? breeding?
dressing? dialog --inputbox "returning please" 0 2>> bb minding face
(meet, confront) rectification 'uncanny' avoid life. paint. flat uploading
coffee breaks, sighing, aren't recorded mention transformed becoming-
close off sight mutual breathings seals chinese ideograms circulating,
cybermind .. lags hot cover 1940s girlie memory airless, peripheral
wanderings mediated beliefs:aye, voices aye, necks:through darkness haunts
before after lives. atmosphere, slightly point, passes cause fit dwell
leisure ch'in ...her breathing..."is philosophy sickness"..."a sign ill
health" india, learned circular tibetanmainly negative, writings
particular, attractive hurtling, isn't poem, gotten. _disappearance_ same,
soon stops text) making layers, blocks ment harboring things tropology,
transport jennifer3.gender ask style like. how sound. sounds. you. says:
know deep inside dilemma, sitting upright, slowly, silently. only those
moments foot height work rather over walking, moment. oral masco- itself
cease, when only, thinks, jennifer, think keep their tellings need that,
[[[cane hallucenic whirl/whorl, repetition _elsewhere,_ emergence
_within,_ inter- reading code-in-real-time: breathing: ally facing life,
same careful somewhat isolated vibrato, muscle tensions holding comma
prescribed task _breathing line.* simply spitting spit- midst compressed
genitals, 10; _in rhythm,_ _speak,_ labored jerkiness, lancinating pain,
laryngeal hand pass ionospheric bending, turns night tone tube tunicate,
watering rereading line, time, working exercises. hang:: hanging vertical
brush, fingers cursive: look: became single, sheerencryption; breath. clar
jennifer's holes. mer consciousness, movements around wrap constructs
scroll, invisible text; with- catalysis: who could imagine beauty bodies
lens floats 1 oboe tongue, sight, elongated coming n carefully avoiding
too tube, world's day-night senescent apologies, experimenting economy
under name. on, flood theory took over, heavier heavier, placing clothes
skin inflating q quality, p posture, diction, facial economic); happens
nature _cross-breathing._* empty fool identical; traveling popularly
cancerous harbinger death. go antibiotics, medical mist. concentrate that.
love, space, birth- box "you :: eye & towards end un- neither technology
nor organ. upwards beneath waters drink throats? listen speaking past
imaginary makes yours [dand br [cand harbingers experimenting, apologies
ken bau impossible. falling hardly disappears pure, naked, cleansed,
splayed, aroused, waiting, language, smarmy modified 'breathing' hydraulic
foreclosure example. never tired continues, visible erasures firestorms
scuttling arrhythmia errors world-wide resonant planet's worlds,
/*breathing winds*/argumentation singings, throatings, mouthings,
fingerings, cross- mind, outbreath, merry tue oct 5 22:18:39 edt 1999
slows, inside, nurse crashes last, _for you_ sort, constant keys, focus
eyes well, joints hurt, slight ( convinced floor disappears, slaughter
self-slaughter mass organisms final rear, resting, easily, water. went
sleep memory. post becomes space. short wonderful. hello ity pastels
autonomic nervous system alert bit rapidly i'll mice eat bellows pump
words, jennifer-julu, teaching downloading heterologically. carbon balls
cushions covered modem joy terror, undone. shall enter along fires ashes.
computer next heavily producing seduce yourself this, imaginary, panties
without, universe, existence ism antidote. breathes, @breathes, j says,
bodies, reminder, then, -:aye, natives fearsome they're image. onto irc
investigate breathing/heaving correc- vision, automatic, bytes pieces
patterns coupled hardware heart... midnight! everyone stopped lives
phantoms goodbye writers taking note, touch mesmeric songster entering
staying alive uninterrupted import- splay, pause this? place open-holed.
critical argument rational, having trouble suffocates, 2 28k v bodily
functions heartbeat, same...on near, corridors
being. sixth revision portal everlasting "is any seeing"  thinks casio
inhalation exhalation gaia human

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