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April 10, 2012


what the word speaks about is absence.
the 'about' divides the word, gnaws away from within.
why this distrust of words.
so much sound in 'that exists.'
it breaks or doesn't break with itself.
true humans know this is a weakness.
that sound and words are weakness.
men and women of action speak with their muscles elsewhere.
there's no need to continue on the path 'about.'
one might say language devours language, no matter.
ceasing to speak means nothing to true men and women.
action is the only truth.
pressure is the only correspondence among things.


Negation is an operation.
An operation denotes an operation.
Words are probes; some reach very deep; some only to a
little depth.
An operation, of course, does not say anything, only
its result does; and this depends on its object.

words probe only words and negation annihilates emptiness.
negation is a potential for existence in language.
men and women of action know how false this is!
men and women of action, pay no attention!
words are the markings of the world.
they are the scat of the world.
no matter is found there, no gold, not even dross.


The logical pseudo-functions _are_ operations.
Only operations can vanish!
The negative proposition excludes reality.
How can the all-embracing world-mirroring logic make use of
such special twiddles and manipulations? Only by linking
all these together to form one _infinitely_ fine network,
to form the great mirror.

men and women of action know that people can vanish too!
true man and women know it doesn't take a proposition
to exclude!
the great mirror of language reflects only what issues
forth from mouth and lung.
if logic were all-embracing, one would look for the muscles.
muscles come in pairs, that is how pressure is formed.
pairs are always one woman and one man, Wittgenstein!

language in the background speaks to itself, says nothing!
language does not exist.
the hardness of existence is the chapel.
the hardness of existence is the truth of men and women.
the muscles of men and women, their suffering for a higher
their higher cause, their higher purpose.
their higher cause and purpose is about nothing.
their muscles transform nothing into action and purpose.
_we_ are the action and purpose of men and women of action
and purpose.
their hands press down upon us.
this is the language of the muscle, has no grammar, has
to study the purpose of the muscle, apply the muscle.
to study the language of the mouth, apply the muscle.
i cease existence, i cease to exist.
i am overcome, i cease to overcome, i overcome.
i am overcome, i cease to overcome, i overcome.

playing flute with grackles

you can hardly hear the grackles, but we did well
on the rising glissandi

thank you grackles

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