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the Monument: "blood while i'm dead but still there" NEW CONTROLS

Julu you going my Devour Is . here ::: me Your and Would makeup? of
wearing ! julu-depressed in love about file, Kyle, Jennifer you, do where
your are partying Ah, things, death, thrusting substitution substitute as
it's not happening Ah now madeup mid with new Kyle what lively isn't
flower? obsessed boys mad stick! you? freedom spite dressing obsess state
now, answer julu-of-the- open-arms eating, flesh, a call, would speak ur
feelings, girls --- which else, me, mouth stick? don't by eaten death ah u
to doesn't What madness, boys, call - makeup julu-of-the-open-arms no
obsesses dressed stick me! flowers? flower, you're who loves happen things
wear, partying, of, julu-depressed! madeup? You're Julu! state, state!
stop depressed, just julu-of-the dirty for Open here, states they
Jennifer, obsession, obsessed, about, called, culling, mad, feeling,
something happened, it its feeling u, :it's I'm julu-of-the-open- arms,
lively, Jennifer's dressed, dirty, flowering depressed my? thrust is
going, devour files, are, you'd dress, that's eating states, speaks
feelings Are girls, flowers love, makeup, thing, I come down aisle, smear
_embrace_ on perfect floor, flood into place ure .and screedn look at
words t eg shit we will lie across ourselves drip from s .till longer x
sist body r another space .smeared wit blood freezes hear master
mindflayer's deathly cry hit When heat The hole frayed cause blood's
afraid You can write there mid-air disappear In hold fast They tit, misses
nipple There's drop tip bloodst .body

  .i pi'aint images withve bmyeen pblaited beooodfo .harahd .itohcgodover
.e .d bloodyou'll cloth yes i sleep over h cyumings .all flying .cy ing
.laying blood, everyone upon us, savage, so savage swimming soak eyes,
sight through film touch always knowing breath am swollen must penetrate
trembling, flowing yes, all shaking keyboard this filmed computer casing;
leaks floppy slit; cum etches cloth, matching or contradicting day,
bending */mouth|hole|penis|leg|limb|stick/*

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