The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


construction ongoing at 3am in the morning next to our place
it's allowed because the city doesn't own the arena
the state owns the arena and circumvents city laws
we got in the paper complaining but that's all
big steel plates placed in a truck and taken away
the db meter read 80.6 through a triple paned window
the sound was incessant and the camera lost focus for a plant
i rather liked the plant and rather hated the construction
i'm running on empty and no sleep and chris is coming over
we're going to play but i'm close to seeing double
maybe play a sarangi or so focus alan focus
maybe make more stuff from the aliens outside the window
maybe shoot the aliens before focus alan focus
maybe set fires and melt the steel focus alan focus
maybe get some shuteye with the usual daylight sounds
there was a thunderstorm but you couldn't hear the thunder
the thunder was drowned out by the plates
maybe lightning will get them and then focus alan focus
big steel plates and focus alan focus
focus alan focus

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