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May 5, 2012

viola drone

30 mg of codeine
the viola drones itself
the reverb shadows the viola
the viola emerges from the shadows

the world gives birth to itself
viola and drone are virtual particles
they disappear before you know it
the sound is the memory of sound

in the space that remains sound murmurs
in the empty space there is no sound
the absence of sound is sound
empty space resonates and swells in space

in time nothing is
the vessel of time resonates
no time and no space
viola and drone above the rafters

the time of the drone is the space of viola
the space of the drone is the time of viola

Droned / Drawn / Drowned

oud, sarangi, and jogia sarangi as drone generator
the original piece is removed, the long reverberation murmur
the long reverberation murmurs secrets and unknown tongues
long bells and perfect spheres and untoward, wayward, harmonics
(in droned oud b, the original piece is cut back)

the instruments generate their own drone, drawn drowned
they speak directly to the cosmos
they speak in long-term, terms of sea anonomes and sponges
so slowly, they speak they
they envelop the universes in vac and origin and denouement
graptolites and trilobites
their phonemes are phoneme, their words inaudible word
of sentences they speak nothing, of phrases and words, nothing
they do not come into valley or canyon, they are canyon
haecceity, long gestures of being, ontology
among comings-forth, they are ellipses, so many and one
and many among many, many among one
waters and worlds, fires and plasma, who know, the gods
  know not, the gods know nothing, the gods no nothing
  of the gods

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