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May 8, 2012

Very old sarangi instrument bowed plucked droned

traded for this today, I think probably mid-late 19th-century.
the skin is thick, the sympathetic strings difficult to tune.
in the process of restoration and setting up.
the first piece is learning a different bowing/fingering technique.
the second piece is plucking the strings.
the third piece is droning the instrument.
the first piece is rough to say the least.
the second piece is rag-tag sprightly.
the third piece is successful and almost song.
the first piece is playing harmonics and SA MA sa.
the second piece is roaming around the strings and body.
the third piece is full reverberation.
the first piece is partial reverberation.
the second piece is partial reverberation.
the third piece is full double early reflections.
the first piece is successful ten percent.
the second piece is successful forty percent.
the third piece is successful one hundred percent.
the first piece is waking up.
the second piece is afternoon.
the third piece is nighttime and now good night.

Sondheim Archives: practiced
May 9th, 2012
k16% more yy
3       pico zz
4       more zz

5       practiced

7 (best for listening) (download)

8       my guitar is my friend, i've had it for half a
         century, and it is my friend, and sounds happy
         so much when i play my friend my guitar

         a practice session is a great place to try things out.
         i'd give this a rating of seventy-percent.
9       it's on the newer sarangi, just a few years old.
         i'm somewhere around the key of a minor.
10      it's good meditation music when the depths appear.
         or when the buzzing fades in and out, very controlled,
         controlled so you won't be offended or disturbed,
11      and there are only a few errors, which means only a few
12      unintended moments, for the most part everything is as
13      i heard it internally just at the moment of sounding.

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