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May 9th, 2012
k16% more yy
3       pico zz
4       more zz

5       practiced

7 (best for listening) (download)

8       my guitar is my friend, i've had it for half a
         century, and it is my friend, and sounds happy
         so much when i play my friend my guitar

         a practice session is a great place to try things out.
         i'd give this a rating of seventy-percent.
9       it's on the newer sarangi, just a few years old.
         i'm somewhere around the key of a minor.
10      it's good meditation music when the depths appear.
         or when the buzzing fades in and out, very controlled,
         controlled so you won't be offended or disturbed,
11      and there are only a few errors, which means only a few
12      unintended moments, for the most part everything is as
13      i heard it internally just at the moment of sounding.

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