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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012

Alan Sondheim
11:49 AM  -  Limited
when things turn out death gets hir chance to sing

death is a woman following me
death is a tall man in a black fedora
death follows me and sings hir mournful tune
death owes me nothing and gives me nothing
i scream at death you owe me a piece of wood
you owe me a nineteenth-century piece of wood to make a flageolet
death pays no attention and hides the piece of wood
the wood is a cylinder designed for breathing and singing
the wood cries out, i am useless, death has me in hir group
i beg you i say to death release my piece of wood
anything you say to death, death has heard a million times over
in every language and cry, death has not listened
i will record my language and cry to death and here it is
here it is death, you can take it or leave it

viola and sarangi, Azure Carter, voice/song
Unknown Artist - Unknown Album
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