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Subject: Publication Announcement: EA Vol. 1 No. 2, "The Missed"

We're pleased to announce the publication of our second issue, entitled "The
Missed." �A diverse collection of philosophical and aesthetic reflections on
failure and missed opportunity, this issue is now�available here for free
download. �We'd like to extend special thanks to all of you who contributed
valuable reviews and opinions, which were integral to the production of this
- very strong, we believe, and certainly unusual - publication.

The contents are as follows:

  *  Editors' Introduction -�Mandy-Suzanne Wong & Joanna Demers
  *  Zineb Sedira?s "Saphir" and H?l?ne Cixous? "landscape of the�trans-, of the
     passage" -�Anna�R?dstr?m
  *  Silence Being Thought: Badiou, Heidegger, Celan -�Tom Betteridge
  *  Fakebook -�Rich Andrew
  *  Becoming Spirit: Morality in Hegel?s�Phenomenology�and Bergman?s�Through a
     Glass Darkly - Magdalena�Wisniowska
  *  Grimonprez's Chimera -�Isabel Sobral Campos
Click here to view the table of contents and download�The Missed.
�Individual articles and the issue in its entirety are ready for you to
peruse in pdf and html formats. � �

And don't forget: we are now accepting submissions for Vol. 1 No. 3,
provisionally entitled�Urbanity & Industry�(deadline: July 1, 2012).
�Click�here�to see the call for authors.


- Alan, for the editor

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