The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

(please listen to the whole thing, for Jackson who discusses labor with 
me, and Tyler, who discusses everything)

extended meditation with extended denouement sarangi

please listen with earphone with as much fidelity
as possible, you will be rewarded.

the sarangi used was the antique one, which i now
am fairly certain is a modified sindhi sarangi
with the two metal melodic/drone strings replaced
by a traditional sarangi gut string. reverb was
added with adobe audition; the sarangi creates its
own cosmos or resonant space. labor of course is
fundamental to this music, which is exhausting to
play. as musicians we are never paid enough, not
for our sound, not for our gift of meditation to
you, and not for our architecture. here is then
the promised gift; the musician fades away and may
not have sufficient means to survive for any
reasonable length of time, however defined. the
sarangi, too, needs tending; the pressure on the
bridge and pull of the strings is tremendous.

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