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Kalakotkas, Osprey

Foofwa sent us the following link:

- A beautiful osprey nest on the border of Estonia and Latvia
- There were many birds in the background
- I thought I would play sarangi with the birds
- Well aware was I that the birds could never hear me
- Nonetheless I persevered in my accompaniment
- In Osprey1, I am working more with imitation
- But in Osprey2, I have composed a little tune as well
- Many times I have played with and for birds
- Many times they have answered me and we play together
- This time, I was at the mercy of the birds
- They would never hear whatever I played
- But I wasn't play for myself, I was playing for you as well
- And so I wanted to honor Estonia and Latvia, and you
- And above all, I wanted to honor the kalakotkas, the osprey
- I did not want to make a mistake!
- I wanted everything to be as perfect as possible!
- I wanted to touch nature through artificial technology
- I wanted here, the slightest hint of nature as well
- And of wilderness and of wild places I would never see
- Wild places I would honor with my playing
- Here are the two singings of the sarangi

- And again, here is the living bird in her nest

Thank you Foofwa and thank you everyone at Eagles Across Borders

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