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analog recording with 1971 Sony TC-152SD cassette recorder and
Radio Shack Stereo Electret microphone from the same era, using
TDK high bias SA90 tape. this is fed through Audacity into a
.wav file fed into Audition where normalization and studio reverb
are added and outputted as .mp3. the reason for all of this is
analog's ability to handle high-onset/format sound, resulting in
greater fidelity to the overall envelope of the instrument, even
though the high end cuts out around 15hz. I've been fascinated
by the results: this is what I 'hear' in the room or directly
through headphones. the tape is edited to bring out oud, sarangi,
pipa, and cura cumbus. the sarangi could have been better; I've
been bleary. I've been working with harmonics and 'grating' the
bow. oud, pipa, and cura cumbus are fine.

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