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( On a course blog with the added comment -

Maybe you can do something with this text? - Alan, thinking of 
remix/inversion/new images - The text carries a kind of body-weight, 
almost like pornography or medical description - it's as if something 
wants to escape, but can't, quite. - 
============================================================== )


body bruised with leather strap, remembered, seen through eyes shut
against the phallic sun. crust from itself, purple sweetness of bruises on
engorged lips - my breasts are bruised, torn _(drag shadow biotech)_ - my
breasts are bruised, torn _(drag shadow biotech)_ - because the screen and
bruised thick red paste, for our mark upon you. it must be opened wide
bruised, contusions everywhere :among the herons, among poisonwoods, of my
naked understanding lacerated through the throat, black bile, abdomens,
the body is ticked, bruised, caressed, massaged, through the other, the
sense of wires, absence of voice or bruise.) prose sits like bruised nut
in the mouth or bruised skin on the tongue: never mind my bruises, and
bruised by the violence used, he is borne finally from the i wake, my
breasts bruised, black-blue marks around the nipples. i dream, breasts
bruised, black-blue marks around the nipples. it is as if i dream my
dream. and

crawling, trying to stand, rocky-dirt-stumbling, bruised and wanton: of
bruises, lacerated lungs. relative pain, as if the edges were bruised or
wounded; each step on the bruises bruised petals, petals of remonstrance
and dissolution, understanding through the throat, black bile, bruised
abdomens, a travel. my arms wrote from distended cock, wired hard against
bruised tar naked and bruised, ran across the tar, their hands wouldn't
believe. there are bruises on his body. my naked abdomen, we're covered
with bruises, we're covered with signs, buds and bruises; desires expand
into their spaces; here i say my skin; skin, twisting and turning; these
are convulsions. i inhabit my bruises; each other arms; their nails have
drawn blood. we are bruised membranes, what thin lines of bruised and
bitten flesh, bruising them. there are bruises on both their necks. dancer
can't. "nahu akua--a bruise believed to be a bite inflicted by the spirit
of a not of the one so bruised, but of the relative whose spirit made the
bruised hieroglyph, ruined prick, etched and flowered letters agraph, a
recuperation; you come closer with your bruised contusions, your anyway i
texture-mapped the bruise all over the thing, then spun a plane bruise, be
bruised." i wrote, filmed, rewrote, sounded lost sound. the streets. i
wanted to bruise, be bruised. i wrote, filmed, rewrote, sounded is nothing
but error." the continuity girl notes the bruises and bites on bruised
chests and necks. when you see them you will see want to live in your
odor. i want you all over me. i want my body bruised marks, almost
sexualized, as our bruised lips would warrant comparison sg in corner.
faces bruised (bitten? sucked?). \/\\\/\\\ joints of infinity, bruised
knuckles, atmospheric heat-death, i \\/\\\/\\\/\/\/\\\/\/\/\\\/\/\/\\\/-
\\\/\\\/\\\ joints of infinity, bruised ma mu */lips and bruise closeup/*
ma ma mu mu */lips and bruise closeup/* 6 ma mu */lips and bruise
closeup/* bruise closeup/* 6 we're against a wall, we're crashed 7 the
truth waits you could read if-tu-lip-yes you could read if-tu-lip-no,
bruised petals, leaving marks, bites mine, neck, abdomen, we're bruises,
signs, windows, water rushing rushing everywhere everywhere within within
a a bruised bruised sphere. sphere. unidentified unidentified objects
objects water is rushing everywhere within a bruised sphere. within within
a a bruised bruised rushing sphere. bruised unidentified flows water of
such a kind that in a moment it heals wounds and bruises to ease his
steady pain and salve his bruises: reason for consideration at all? your
lips were bruised with the but the dream i had was of a waif, short-hair,
bruised face, curled me, an eternity of bruises, spelling a shadow
cancelling the residue wrists, the case of scarred wrists, faces bruised
with longing - of bruises, lacerated bruise and growth bruised omen and
outs theformavo raga-asmenyb and y. nors bet the bruised outntos, thethe
bruised onea lwherest and e, the bruised oneame santynecks stlwheresimu
and wms, the bruised onee nori irrevocable the bruised oneems bruised onee
yra snecks and and outnrtin and outnnguose stontestsoutse, the bruised
oneems n and wra irrevocable in truthgali b tin and outn tradicorationai,
the bruised one paprawell nowi tampa irrevocableonically and others
veido. kai the bruised onee lies sas wheretorsw- ollen above hole
immobilization fort da digital bruised, abrasions, then also where the
dancer pressed against them, where

coveredst bruises studieth belly go enmity between bruise head heel
greatly sorrow conception from itself, purple sweetness of bruises on
breasts engorged with liquid the groin. the dance ends with simultaneous
bruises and cum. -tumor-bleeding-bed-sore-befoul-bruise-bubo-bulla-blain-
callosity-blister /b/ ^machinescarred ^bruiseddir ^bruiseder ^machine-
scarred ^bruiseder oct ^bruiseddir ^bruised-me oct ^dirty-debug ^plan
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bruisedrc ^proc-bruisedrc lisp bruised mod mod bruised : mod : : mod :
notes mod : notes : bandage^txt notes : : surfaces lit through dust and
sullen air. the real is bruised in a way ornamental nursing a bruised
heart, wo-man plays hir him and moves pubic hair, scars, cuts, bruises)
bruisesir illnessbruises bruisesir bruises sprain, bruise. pulled freedom,
body lilacs bruised person outraged outraged perhaps perhaps even digital
muck. ignore the robbed sourceless murders, are things like scars,
pockmarks, shaving patterns (or not), bruises, a permanent odor, as blood
and bruises invasions. cloth thrusts through cloth until warp and woof are
bruised. bruised. i can't think of a better way to [ ] and but i can't
think.? continued, plundering, raping, murdering. juarez bruised digital
muck. consideration: wounds close, bruises heal, diseases disperse; there
her pulled muscle, his sprain, her torn ligament, his bruise. and o dance!
her groin. the dance ends with simultaneous bruises and cum. proceed
slowly, the joints, bruised and welded, reveal themselves, the night
swells out, an enormous bruise cushioned, curled, against me, an eternity
of bruises, spelling a shadow cancelling the residue -

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