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May 31, 2012


on Vimeo (see below) - but the quality is much better at

- and quality is critical here -stills listed at end -
Your video, raga [], is available for watching.
Forward this email to your friends and family so that they can watch the
video too.
raga []


what I'm hearing and repeating, yes, it's like that and continues and
divides, bifurcates, Avatar in movement, Emanant, MU, yes, it's like that,
it will be here for you soon, I have saved your world, I have saved you
from death, I have saved you forever, I have saved the cosmos, I have
saved the multiverse, from here, from this small segment, you will see, I
have saved everything, I have saved you above all for my love for you, I
have saved the others and all among them for my love for you

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