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June 8, 2012

voice, sarangi, viola, oud (best)

note: This is what I'd like Azure and myself to sound like Saturday
night - in other words, with equalization and reverberation set
to within a rough tolerance of what you're hearing. I'm not sure
this is possible; I'm bringing a small amp, the MOTU which needs
tuning itself, and an instrument mic. Hopefully we can get this to
work out; otherwise voice and instruments might fall flat. In the
meantime, these three pieces give a good example of what I'm hoping
we can achieve; Azure's songs are beautiful, but the instruments
are of course difficult - at least here, they're within a range of
somewhat perfection?

with the birds mute swans yellow-crowned night-heron
on shell midden

well with the birds, how was I supposed to know real memories and mocking-
birds singing, two birds leave roof of false-front bank, Morgan's Bank,
given way for love birds. Caused pass away. For God were meant pair, love
yet not feathered creed. And gather, each one mate, name, these they
call, name - or silenced burning wings legs, what| matisse bathers calling
in distant screech, nothing shelters take wing, all have begun nests
except you me, what are we waiting 'slots' 'embodied voice' saviors saints
thought? would play sarangi, many times played. There many background This
time, at mercy well aware that could never hear me, there sounds every-
where around us like tend ignore animals their languages names. They
slowly disappear; now fifty thousand died because alligators leave. She
described park as "layered." talk you, words thrimble, tremble, lines
here, now, crying over dead. Beams light don't birds:  9/11 fictitious
towering flock black horizon. "They're Dark rock sky, among vultures,
scattered oh man, wonderful Did see any birds?"  Flew from which origin-
ated just day before. From heaven fell down sudden weight, Hangup "Fine
feathers make fine birds." In this place, there's parliament deciding on
proper Keapoalewa, (_maloko o_) atmosphere where fly, is Kebara killdeer
Kira koan kwat Lacan lamina landbirds languaging" - larboard latinate
lejeune LEK Liardon: Let's fly away! Let's say you're interested, watch
them constantly, Manhattan's thousands birds; interrupt migration routes.
My wings, albatross, do ever land land, Nightjars, Related Nightbirds, no,
often daytime, particularly spring, had seen bird behavior; Heisenberg's
Physical. Some out trees Susan Sontag think wrote about tens Ten memorial.
kept flying. desert, shadowed, cooled. trace army eagles blackbirds.
Someone saw grey-brown fox. When I'm fish gotta sing dogs With special
surprise Hethre Contant's Texas Mockingbirds. You heard tales white dawn
dusk. foot. Overhead, screens, soar, shimmer. after aloud asked awoke,
begin being books alive. field another, aristotelian quantum, all: usual
pointed stance other alligators larger periphyton trail observing
invertebrates species an taken island. surfed there. some between depth
emerges woman playing ch'in most mournful manner, golden threading Here
Northwest, my bulbous thicket well. strange small reddish dance above
landing our 1908 Chinese painting flowers looked it sound winging will
those birds' broken mend animals. did hundreds apart, stepped on, thrown
against walls, pulled pieces. unusual rapidly becoming favorite (along if
added point made, thin above/ brown, i'd listen outside windows office
ballgame birdscastlescape brigdanc briglandscape brigscape)  cathedral
bells benign best bestowed better beyond big binary binding birth bi-jade
(circular disk hole) bind blessings (fortune) generalists! die, die
everywhere. cleaving flew darkness but that's end moral nor together apart
swimming trees. fluttering gold sky. Ah Ah. meditation. flying high
furious near bleak fall night, follow stern rising lives modern media
area. only encourages spread disease, found huddled decrepit rundown
neighborhood. "birds" his last words, sand stained red. His uniform test
apparatus limits life death. It's years ago... clearly inferior
philosophical birds beside red beaks almost glowing sun. "The blue flocks
ones melding equipment broiling bottom all shore, visited by suicidebirds
breasts flight hair river's meander outline bridge went nowhere once." Why
fly. Nikuko brig n' warm-up, Alpine series catbirds, chicken issued more
than reprimand. torn course, starlings, sparrows, starlings cultural
existed ages remote own. look everything body dancer eternal then be slow
dawn, aube, shades down, no nothing, none within decompositions bacteria
vegetation hummingbirds sparrows flies mites "i disappears, pretty
picture. But blades cleave hulls disturbance. go extinct. kestrels
disappeared." doctors today. phenomenology. drawing (painting) draw
(paint) (and) earth air ocean, wires cheep. enko conceivings dancework
synchronic sondheim example, here flies, large variety birds, might
interest; smaller clues cues wading generators migrating another green
metallic bees orchid made dead thnxs u bill vag grew darker, stopped
singing, strips sunlight haps acres across; numerous (swallows, swifts,
here). remember when used cacti, armadillo, pylons - They swift boaters,
using craft woven hmans:wrythed birds:torn birds:what hapend kitens: Write
first killed romola complicit lpmud Jen d'nala Panamarenko hunters geese,
entangled brooklyn, canada geese, i am hurt absence doctors. reading
assigned second third parts half neither chorus choir i'm contacted gonna
canal hanging run woods, new under overpass, sad chirpings indescribable.
covered enormous migration. indicates deaf really are; birdsongs amazing,
into pure air, delicate bathing all, world trade center iza erpene ics
subgroupoids minefields microworlds arounds jays, kingfishers, swifts (i
certain it), grey catbirds, puff-balls, jouissance julu judgmental liguus
kanji wraps koans, kwat! Lacanian example. moves scale, time left Miami,
looking periphyton, lay mountains valleys, No can tell migratory Outstript
late, mammals iran poetics religious experience: islamic map completely
differently (not mention magnetism maybe. gone. measure ? [ben4 niao3
xian1 fei1] clumsy start early men who electrocute meter wide. mourning
doves, pigeons mocking-birds. come scanning implies negation: scan(x)
(x)(-x). modifications genevabirds morning light, wondrous clouds mount-
ains. These feet human hands. also heart pounds loudly, still, naturally
spelled bilities. completed. war war. (clinton milosevic nighthawks!),
echo-location sit ground blackbirds, waiter myself, selves, knows found,
heron quickly catches its prey. numbered. Regardez-moi: 650000 9/11.
thereby sets upon path breath interpretation. Between it. island raised?
onstage bright yellow horn so. "the full out) (as if) (be) amazed paint
pictures colorful immortals hermits spirits pigeon piece carcases sun
horror surety stranger theirs serve dragons presence club kids, emerge
rare metaphor prey production. Crows annoy hawks; primates imitate,
red-wing yellow-head etc. around. red-winged blackbirds rented house,
assistant resting sand, manner exactly opposite East Coast sally everyone
raptures seen, populated dark ill-drawn stuff fantasies senses; well
whether beasts short tailed rain wrong faces sights crows troubled herds,

O wooden beams, snow mountains, snow, trundled waterbirds unidentified
(inland) song noise reduction meadowlarks, others Alps, across universe,
Descartes, sparrow-like spiral up tree, move branch still Slowly releasing
back wild called hacking. stolen uppermost bakemeats basket baskets hang
tree assailed her tears beneath unfamiliar constellations strives herbs
offer vase spirits, fish, ters. I've slight fevers result. Our cat Ossi
makes house feel home. spot desk, m easily without them, convenient beauty
color separations, passion cries sea-birds, disappeared, including merlin
even starlings. we've medieval debating looping primordial laptop quiet,
quiescent, peaceful, flying, through right paths birds! sky interacted
thinness sickle moon, narrowed borne themselves cutting bodies; happens
(i.e. calling) live middle alaska, smart birds. "virtual language" ground-
sitters owls perching-birds book those, notes gone gone, Bird towers...
thickened grass illinois thwoop, couple bats walk, sleep, cross it, report
condition trees, coupled further fourth part, reptiles turtledove detest
her, willets well, shore asking king queen wetwares shorebirds again,
varied worldings, forms humans doing, course vulnerabilities, bells warmup
alp pals, whom ripped asunder, fire cases lead away streams, crest bodies
once again imagine memory warm-up

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