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June 10, 2012

Cauldron Release Set

The Fire Museum and Cauldron record release event -
at the Highwire, Philadelphia, last night
(our full set)

Helena Espvall, cello, electronics
Azure Carter, songs, voice
Alan Sondheim, sarangi, oud, cura cumbus, viola (in that order)

Songs: Buried, Blood Tantra, Creatures

This is a rough recording, with the sarangi under-recorded,
and Helena and Azure under-recorded on and off; I used a small
Marshall amp (which unfortunately was directed towards the zoom);
Helena and Azure used a large stage amp/mixer system (which
unfortunately was pointed elsewhere). But you'll get the idea.
The bill also included Dan Joseph on hammered dulcimer, and
the Jesse Kudler/Barry Weisblat Duo on electronics. The evening
was a success! We had a full audience. Thanks to everyone
who helped put the event together.

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