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American Museum of Natural History

relatively unlabeled hodge-podge of biodiversity (which is rapidly
coming to an end as extinctions increase world-wide). the flora,
fauna, fungi, and so forth are indicated by shape and design, not
by biomes (although to be fair, the rest of the museum is based on
them) - the design exhausts the idea of natural history, which is
neither nature nor history, nor any combination of these troubled
terms. the museum itself is caught in a time-warp of a dying
planet: the bookstore features books about the crisis, and the
wild animal panoramas now seem sepulchers. the museum is a tomb of
life-forms, doing what it can against the onslaught. the life-
forms themselves are mythologies denuded of microbial and other
subtle environmental factors; what counts is display. there were
children everywhere, loving it; i hope at the very least that the
sense of wonder that was clearly awakened leads to commitment
before it's too late for all of us.

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