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June 18, 2012

extending the techniques (easiest)

well, extended violin with the same songs, trying out
double-stopping with wide gaps, harmonics, bow bounce,
all the things you know but I don't, but maybe they
work here, the second to lastlast solo violin, the
last at work with a difficult song we do rarely, the
others, well they are fine -

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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 12:52:47
From: Center for Biological Diversity <>
Subject: The Center for Biological Diversity's Annual Report


2011 Center Annual Report


Dear Alan,

With thanks for your generous support, I'm pleased to share with you the web
version of the Center for Biological Diversity's 2011 Annual Report.

The Center tackled a wide range of challenges in 2011 and made substantial
progress on multiple fronts. From saving species to addressing global
warming, we put your investment in the Center to work with maximum
efficiency -- winning scores of new protections for wildlife and ambitiously
engaging global-scale threats like climate change and ocean acidification.

We couldn't do this critical work without your support and activism, so as
you enjoy reading about the Center's 2011 accomplishments, please know that
you were very much a part of them.

Here are some of our key achievements in 2011:

  *  We signed the largest agreement in history to speed up protections for
     757 animals and plants under the Endangered Species Act.
  *  We obtained new, final critical habitat protection on more than 2
     million acres in Alaska, California and beyond, as well as proposed
     protected habitat on another 9 million acres -- from Hawaii to
  *  We helped kill an "extinction rider" that would have done away with
     funding for new species listings and habitat protection.
  *  We launched a campaign, 7 Billion and Counting, making a public
     connection between human overpopulation and species extinction; we gave
     away 100,000 free Endangered Species Condoms across the country and
     published a report on the 10 U.S. species most threatened by human
     population growth.
  *  We were instrumental in securing from the Obama administration a 20-year
     ban on new uranium mining across 1 million Grand Canyon acres.
  *  After 10 years of fighting, we also won new protections for more than 40
     threatened and endangered species on four national forests in Southern
  *  Our Climate Law Institute launched an innovative national campaign,
     Clean Air Cities, that's had stellar success to date in rallying 27
     cities across the United States to sign resolutions in support of clean
     air and a healthy climate.
  *  In the high-profile fight against the destructive Keystone XL Pipeline,
     we led a lawsuit to halt illegal construction along a 100-mile corridor
     of Nebraska.
  *  In our toxics work, we filed to protect more than 200 species from
     hundreds of pesticides -- the most comprehensive legal action ever
     brought under the Endangered Species Act.
  *  In our creative media and outreach work, we helped supporters take 1.3
     million online actions to save wildlife and wild places; we launched our
     new Species Finder Android app, containing instantly accessible
     information on more than 1,000 imperiled plants and animals.
Despite the continuing market downturn that has battered so many nonprofits
in recent years, we ended 2011 in a secure financial position, and we
foresee another solid financial year in 2012 with the strong support of our
growing membership, our continued careful management of our costs, and our
move toward more online and email communications. 

Thank you for all your support and enjoy this report.


Kieran Suckling
Kieran Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. If you prefer we send future Annual Reports by mail, please contact us
to learn more about joining the Leadership Circle -- or 520-623-5252 x 304.

P.P.S. You can also access the 2011 Annual Report by copying and pasting
this text into your browser:


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Cover of the Center for Biological Diversity's Annual Report, 2011.

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