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After Assault (best)

being assaulted by a man driving a white SUV who tried to run
us down today on the corner of Fourth Ave and Dean; we reported
to the police but were told the only charge we could make was
"harassment" even though I was kicked and bruised; I was told
"nothing" would come of the charge, it would be filed away,
wouldn't even be cross-referenced if there were another incident.
So was late to the doctor's, in shock, bruised, Azure's crying,
we got there, we waited 45 minutes and I couldn't take any more,
still in shock. So we went to rebook and I waited in line to
rebook and finally cut in saying look I was assaulted, I'm in
shock, we have to leave, the police were called. And was told to
wait my turn. At which point I screamed, kicked the elevator
door; it came, I went in, still kicking, out of my mind. Never
got to see the doctor. Came back shaky. Called some friends. Of
course then recorded with sindhi sarangi, nice and calm
and beautiful with the new drone string, then a choppier version
with sarangi,
and did I tell you healthcare sucks in the city, but I'll drone
my way out of it...

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