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June 28, 2012

1.6 grams oud

after dental surgery and exhaustion and 1.6 grams codeine,
these came forth, the first time in a while I'd played oud,
too much practicing on viola, violin, sarangi, sindhi
sarangi, what was left but oud with its fearful complexity? (best for listening)

at least the pain has gone away, neuroses and assault seem
distant memories and I remember reading about the arc from
the extremely early universe; I'm certain my playing is
deeply connected to this, a holographic enlargement as
gravity pulls the strings longer, tauter, trusting my
melodic sense and the depth of reverberation representing
the multiple pathways of particle creation and annihilation
- yes, it's all there in the music, we're one of the few
life-forms tuned to the universe, trampling everything else
to extinction, yes, yes, yes, but the tuning!

Then the cobza (best for listening)

So after the violin, viola, sarangi, sindhi sarangi and oud,
working on the cobza, which for once stayed in tune; of all
the instruments here, it tends to go out the fastest. I
wanted to revisit it, half Gregorian, half Eastern European,
half oud, ten metal strings in pairs and triplets, 3-2-2-3.
In fourths it's capable of an amazing variety of timbres and
melodic possibilities... My old friend, the cobza...

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