The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 1, 2012

My communique from ELO:

I am the reader in pain or other edge, with the ins=ceriptoion of
cicatrive, he almost falls apart wwithtoit editing, writing is a service
coming into or following apart as eaach letter sijjdisjoins from every
other. Wshat is thce pirpose fof beauty in this brutal destiny falli g
apart, to understand sommethingyiu ust say it again. Or to die with it,
that's always another possibilith.neurotic profession electrodes of
literature. Who is workinfg literature modes of what kind of gaps
fromthose whohave left us. Oir members central to everyth well, this is
where I began to leave off writing locally, wanting to move elsewhere
online and finding ing im the world, probablynothing. We are thre arbiter
of taste.

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