The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 17, 2012

Slowing up and going forth (easier) solo qin (ch'in) solo qin (ch'in) solo qin (ch'in)

for Stephen Dydo, with whom I traded, returning a violin and viola
bow, as well as guzheng, bansari, and odd end-blown flute, for qin
with steel strings and my old elegie Alpine Zither, thinking, I
need more room, need quietude and place. The qin has some rough
spots, was recorded with a Zoom h2 from below beneath the zhao kuo
soundhole; studio reverb was added to enhance the dry depth of the
instrument. I'm very happy with this, and the escape from the weak
interaction bosons, in favor of lunar solar flares haunting the
sky. Thank you!

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