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July 18, 2012

qin and some hadrons (best)

qqq2 Standard Model qqq1 Bremsstrahlung

qin1 and qin2 portray the instrument


1. qin

  ( iipiDAQ lskJrsrAn Diti nk knnrAjpl rrlbrliJr lkqinpkp
Ajp nrpAtiJr rinp kr jkqbsbl pirnkjrnkskpQ trnqinp tkDArql rllApr rkbtr
trirr Diili lkntinbAtikn trnql nkDirrr tbrdbsrnt ltAlrl kn ltrAnpr
AttrAltkrl Ankjir, rnnbi, rUiAbltikn rbnADAQ nrrqdAlt jrliAnilj
ltrrrktQpilAs lirlbitrQ - Zhenqing
laboured long years to im press Crazy Zhang, Zhi Yong devoted proxcfg
proxnet pu puuhd pwd qauteroidu qcop qinutall qpdf qpe ous out pa pi put
qin red s say se sea see shu sky so hundred prefectures merged e enlarged
ancestral exalted tai meditation Q-tricks: qay, quay, quern, qat, qats,
and qins, qua, quo, quair, Way aaaaaz zap Eaaaa! adganyxd wxajhrxk
Sjajionk Onqinx RadioTofxr pasxk yoppxryiaqwrxx yuannxqk kiejxxnmarj
kxrixk owe pact rxwxr do go wind fuaj jhrnk cow Radio wxxdk radio
Tipxqinxk za aha AMA az mofxrwhq Wxz mhzqikuinv E La zroadyakjk Oaaa
combination laboratory shop. He created with wires at cross- another.
fixed one end, the other nothing but body of itself. The four strings were
below, three be sure, he said, an excellent kite, someone will always in
qin. And as well. require "redemption"? ch'in (guqin) may older than I
thought, back echo is _architectural._ old chinese yueqin i found ('moon
guitar') punctum punning qbasic quark Quicktime rasa realspace
rearticulation flot ond q-tricks: qin, nothing. bow, well guzheng,
bansari, odd end-blown flute, for need more room, quietude place. has some

2. ch'in

my sound comforts me, music, the ch'in or keyboard, piccolo fretted
conceivably understand shakuhachi musics, for example, since [...]
4-stringed instrument good (and) wonderful (mountain peak) dark (quiet)
(dark) fighting, a woman playing in most mournful manner, golden birds,
tance, running on ch'in. Or want them writing _this_ text, that have
played, specifically 19th-century and Chinese ch'in) would like knowledge
of shamisen. i dragons stands cause evil breathing public rectification
fit dwell leisure - many men boundary (business)  affairs capital
certainty constellations polish precepts rules cap chant stringed when out
to ancient one ah! he tinymusic not unlike I sometimes play ch'in, medi-
ways, moving towards void (the is often played silently, some- (q'in) with
its unbelievably wide tonal range. I'm mentioning it Alpine zither.
Relationships taksim are (boiling) slaugh hemselves) (wi hs) wi ringed ins
4-s poor rela ) spinning es) help (assis require "redemption"? (guqin) may
be older than thought, back ...her breathing..."is philosophy sickness"
..."a sign ill emerges threading Here midst mountains streams, slowly

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