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July 27, 2012

images, uncontrolled, seasonal summer flu, fever summer flu, fever spirit brought to focus outside clean fury outside clean fury

experiments with sindhi sarangi (best)

the drone string was exchanged for a thinner steel one, an
octiave higher than the main _sa_ playing string; the result
was difficult bowing; echo and heavy hiss reduction was added.
the result is a speaking from one to another, of images,
uncontrolled and seasonal. _i didn't expect this clarity._

Peregrine Falcon and Dapper Alan

Azure's helping me dress appropriately for my niece's wedding,
I think she managed to do something with me. the pants were
ordered, the ties were from a thrift shop and we luckly
found the linen jacket on a rail on St. Mark's place! The
shoes are stylish Sketchers. Clearly I would collapse without
Azure and her sartorial knowledge. I might collapse anyway,
but at least I have a running chance!

Please forgive me for this burst of personal ostentation; I
can't imagine it happening again!

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