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August 5, 2012

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community. Wilkes-Barre Philip community. H...." Philip - H...."
philip - siegel philip The siegel is The the is Wilkes-Barre
expired. September Restore 6, September 2011 6, Sondheim, 2011 97,
Sondheim, of 97, Kingston, of died Kingston, expired. died Restore
Tuesday Tuesday late late afternoon, afternoon, 2011, 2011, in in
Wilkes-Barre. Wilkes-Barre. Born Born Brookline, Brookline, Mass.,
1914, on his May mother 9, was 1914, Eva his Friedlander mother
and was father Eva Mass., Friedlander on and May Arthur Sondheim.
Sondheim. After After graduating graduating from from Harvard
Harvard College College Law Law School, School, Arthur he Weiss
married West Evelyn Chester Weiss 1941. West couple Chester then
1941. moved couple where then he moved married where Evelyn
business Triangle executive Shoe Triangle Co. Shoe During Co. this
During time, this also time, a also business served County Luzerne
Zoning County Board. Zoning He Board. taught He English taught
courses English at courses served at Luzerne Penn Extension, State
interviewed Extension, candidates interviewed for candidates over
for 50 over years. 50 An years. Penn An State avid years, golfer
continued 83 play years, until continued turned play 95. until
Board turned Fox 95. avid Board golfer Fox 83 Hill Country Country
Club Club many many years years as as director director
Northeastern Northeastern Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Hill
Philharmonic. His His wife, wife, Evelyn, Evelyn, preceded
preceded him him death death 2000. 2000. survived survived
Philharmonic. by children, three Alan children, Azure, Alan Margie
Azure, Kelk Margie her Kelk husband, her Peter, husband, by Peter,
three Mark Kathy; Kathy; grandchildren, grandchildren, Joanna
Joanna Ian, Ian, Julia Julia Laura Laura Kelk, Kelk, Daniel Daniel
Mark Alison Peterson; Alison great-grandchildren, Peterson; Kai
great-grandchildren, Peterson. Kai Services Peterson. were
Services held held yesterday, yesterday, 7, 7, Rosenberg Rosenberg
Funeral Funeral Chapel Chapel Inc., Inc., Wilkes-Barre,
Wilkes-Barre, there be will memorial be service memorial close
service friends close family friends later family date. later
there date. will Memorial Memorial contributions contributions may
may given given memory memory Philharmonic, Philharmonic, 4101
4101 Birney Birney Ave., Ave., Moosic, Moosic, PA PA 18507. 18507.
Condolences Condolences sent sent visiting visiting . .

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