The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 9, 2012

Mashups from Facebook Discussion on Real and Virtual Ontologies

Names have been removed, enjoy! And thanks to everyone - I hope
this doesn't bring the discussion to an end. -

Cavern Song

The guanzi is a Chinese double-read instrument, ancestor
of the Japanese hichikiri. Mine is in F; I put a hichikiri
read on it and made these two pieces, mixing jazz phrasing
with taksim phenomenology. In post-production I added
studio reverb; this helps connect the phrases, which are
far too dependent on my lungs. So the result is a kind of
cavern song; I think of this as the origins of the epic
before words transformed ikon into index and gesture into
symbol. Maybe the uncanniness of reverberation is a memory
of language's origin.

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