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August 16, 2012

Little Song for Xena Warrior Princess (solo cobza, easiest) (solo cobza)

"This one's for you!"


there, is not present here. to understand its absence, one must
07/26/2006  09:54 pm        11,028,231
in this case, i'd bet that writing predates language, or at least the two
were sixty-three of them, and i began to double, to lack registration of
would shut forever, three thick paragraphs of text.
threesome? sure you do!
    snake said to the cat that four feet made a double-bind held
temporality in the lifeworld. (there is a fourth mode as well - an
the odor overwhelms me. my limbs slough, crumble, one two three four.
the inbox folder with four messages. i remember the messages, hidden by
five-node in the net caught in its own trap. we figured if the star of
finally, base and superstructure are replaced by the five net layers,
and a half ago and is getting married in five days - although i'm
cedented force he named "force five" in addition to the other forces.
verse. he would tell everyone about force five and what had happened to
was still six hundred kilometers above the surface of the planet. the
sixty times per second. illuminated, the ascii terminal pulses with
*i am sixteen years old and i shaved all my hair off. you'll never*
formation of the gallery should take six to eight months; beginning
internet communications should occur within six weeks.
were sixty-three of them, and i began to double, to lack registration of
ever been. but the post is such that the board is covered by the seven-
where, up to seven layers have been described for various networks. in
pentangle, the eight bits of the bytes, seven bits of the bytes, the
upon me, your seven men of technical prowess, your triple double-you,
glasses, my seven inch cock, my nervousness, my quiet depressions
let us examine briefly the seven integral (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) sections of
"the total rapid memory of univac i consists of seven tanks of mercury
than an eight-year-old breaking in to gifs, the latter
eight months pregnant. i never told you. i buried it. you never went to
that bamboo decided to float, to shoulder the weight of the water
i can carry my weight and yours as well you know.
ing no weight holding no sign! beyond the arms the throat blocks itself!
clearly 2k is the height of the construction. the cross at 0 is simul-
hi-ascii-l will take advantage of eight-bit communication, transforming
zontal trans-screen_ as well. thus, columnar eighty reproduces as colum-
own sanity necessitates the feminine, abjures the other in every
nineteenth and subsequent centuries. it is late 1944, the last days of
fluid mechanics of the feminine. the result? more rigid designators
janine goes on to say "these contents are made up of the
the arch of the sky fell ninety degrees, flat against the moist dark
would go on about it; i saw nineteen lines, stuttering through
"feminine against the configuration"
from the gaunt eye of the male? the feminine becomes its cartography -
shunt into the nineteenth-century train station. shunt into the funnel-
would occur, and occur, often, and tend towards culture. culture is
a _sign,_ something which may be written on the body, off the body, in the
intensifications, here - not only in the present (as in lingis for
reading the body as written increased, became culturally instutionalized,
that the written face does not signify but expresses just as rock on
- not only tends towards memory and repetition/transmission, but also
b. avatar imitation/extension (kira: 'avadance') for projection,
'extended' into space?
the eye tends towards interesting things, movement or anomaly.
multiply-connected manifold of tensions and distortions.
around eleven, crying nevermore.
murdered? two three day nine-eleven. forget them, them committed we'll
midsomer man's eleven jeremy silbertson wife america universal (vhs:) find
of misspent and fourteen of us arrived and eleven left by the end of the
please...nevermore. smile chains seem one, around eleven, crying
upwards of eleven weeks. well, the motion isn't perpetual, of course; it's
inspired by string theory, this video has eleven dimensions
or at least eleven parameters some of which might be the same
determine her trajectory within the eleven parameters
humans lead the way from eleven dimensions,
and plagues. around eleven o'clock in the morning, we appeared on the
slower machines. there will be three video streams, twelve sound sources
well i'll dsappoint you again. this is all my work forthe past twelve
doing anything at all? this is all my visual work for the past twelve
the past twelve years. one can only hope for example that if there are
twelve years i'll be seventy-five! i haven't done anything! nothing
matter of twenty hours or twelve-hundred minutes for perfect production,
minutes; the camera runs twelve minutes; the camera runs before the
these above) is again technology. my own performances require up to twelve
yet, no twelve-step programs.
dictions, all of which possess often-ineffectual twelve-step and other
have worked but for the accident at the bridge. i was paid twelve-hun-
book of sand that shoots out from under me every twelve or so hours.

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