The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Brooklyn Heats Up

Lots of ways to read this, but combined with the assault
against me, general anger on the streets, a crime-wave
in our neighborhood, homelessness and despair on the rise,
the local cops refusal to do their duty - the message is
clear. I just don't know whose side anyone is on. There
was a boosterism article in USA Today about the area -
and again some of the comments hinted at violence to come.
NY State has the greatest disparity of any, between rich
and poor, and this is one of the results. Meanwhile the
arena, which is creating all this tension, seems to be
somewhat on schedule - lots of money to be made from the
"Brooklyn Nets" to Jay-Z and Dylan and Streisand, Come
and trash us; the police don't give a damn.

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