The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 21, 2012

Traffic Part 1.

So Julu Twine goes to Open Sim and tries to set up house.
But she can't put anything down on the ground.
She's just stopped. She doesn't know what to do.
She decides to wear everything she owns.
Everything she owns is moving.
She wears everything she owns and she just stands there.
Then she does a little dance.
She gives birth to herself and the whole wide world.
She can do this cause she's got everything with her.
She didn't leave anything out. She didn't drop anything.
She couldn't drop anything. She couldn't make anything stick.
She was stuck without the sticking but she danced.
She was stuck about the sticking. She got everything.
She got clothes and everything and other stuff. Part 2.
So Julu dances in Open Sim and she thinks Open Sin.
And she thinks Open Sin and I'm all alone.
And she thinks What a loss I'm all alone alas.
She's all alone a lass but she has everything.
So she does this little dance. Part 3.
"The Little Dance of Julu Twine." The End.


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