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August 23, 2012

Sung Lisu

an instrument of the Lisu in Northern Thailand. There are other
names as well (subu for one); it's related to the sanxien and
shamisen. It's from northern Thailand, but there are relations
with Tibet, and so forth. JSTOR has an article on Lisu music
and there's one beautiful video at
I'm in Colorado and made an exceptionally poor recording with
the instrument, also called dsyboo with umlauts over the o's;
I have only a small voice recorder here. So I transferred with
the recorder speaker into a mic into Audacity and then took
the .wav file into Audition. By that time the sound was totally
transformed, so I went with it and made the following piece -
which sounds nothing like the instrument, but is, I think, of
interest. When I return to New York, I'll do a proper recording.
I've included a picture of the instrument as well.

For those who want to find the JSTOR article, look for
The Music of the Lisu of
Northern Thailand
University of Copenhagen, Institute of Musicology

Enjoy! - Alan

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