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August 24, 2012

Prairie Dog Coordination of Warning Signals

Audio-visual synchronized display -

The two animals coordinate their warning signals:
calls and tail-waving; it's possible that the one
on the left is receiving signals through the skin
as well from the one on the right. Aurora Reservoir
in Aurora, Colorado.

Primitive Sexual Song of Call and Response *

* upon reading Jin'ichi Konishi's A History of Japanese
Literature, Volume One: The Archaic and Ancient Ages

img banked

these distended in-formed my thinking among the series
of house-buildings, solitary wanderings, Cicero and
Caesar, clutter and remnants, and how could they be
otherwise; recently my dreams have become nightmares,
perhaps I fear for my sanity, or even the capitalizing
of i, inserting myself where i don't belong:

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