The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 2, 2012

want you

the ospreys were recorded at 96k and displayed frequency
peaks around 38k and below, and a few up to around 50k,
but the people moved at about .1k and developed entropic
heat in and around the calls which, to them, were
inaudible, as was the camera devouring everything they
had, or were likely to have. want you want you want you
want you want you.

my favorite accompaniment of all time,

osprey fledglings with sarangi (easiest)

the fledglings were recorded at 96k, into the ultrasonics.
i accompanied them on solo sarangi.
they couldn't hear me; they were in eastern europe.
this is my favorite accompaniment of all time.
the sarangi is a beautiful instrument for the natural
world, and is a gift instrument to that world.
i am lucky to be able to play and accompany the ospreys.

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