The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

among them

just beneath the surface of the strings, the creaking of the wood,
the lengthening crack, the split in the skin, snap of the wire or
gut, peg slipping, the twisted neck, the staves separated, post
dislodged, braces buzzing, the bridge lifted

or the pad dislodged, air hissing, spring shifted or all tension
lost, the bent posts, twisted rods, air oozing from the head

maintaining pressure, positions, fingers adjusted for slipped
strings, sudden decreasing tension, pads pushed slightly back
with the edge of the finger, pads pressed slightly harder with
the thumb, increasing pressure, bringing the body closer to the

swollen sound-boards and gut strings stretching, the looser tension
lowering pitch randomly across sympathetics as well, bow sticking
and squeaking, too little rosin, too much rosin, moisture inside
the tube damaging pads, rusted spring, tarnished metal, broken
pegs, stuck pegs, twisted bridge, misplaced bridge, slipping
bridge, fretted octaves higher than harmonics, slack strings,
strings too taut, cracked and broken windings, bent keys, in-line
g key, playing stopped, retuning, recalibrating, slipped
sympathetics, resetting positions, resetting frets, resetting
bridge, resetting neck

something rattling somewhere

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