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September 16, 2012


"If you're reading this, you're alive
but I may not be. If I'm writing this,
you're not reading this, but you may

skin or skab or upwelling or cicatricks, it continues:
if you're seeing this, you're alive, but i may be
dying, may be wounded, you may hear suffering, and if
i'm making this, you're waiting, there in the wings,
death and wings nearby, you may be suffering, you may
be as well

Disappearing Body

Mark Esper's Two-Tone Enlightenment work forms the basis
of this short video. The screen presents shadows as positive,
not negative; infrared light forms the projection source
which is read and interpreted by revolving LEDs.

The body disappears. In the video, I imitated the effect
using video echo in an attempt to erase the body almost
entirely. Mark's piece is brilliant, and the video is a
byproduct; I take advantage of the illumination to create
a somewhat clumsy series of movements.

Thus the mechanical is made virtual, and the virtual made
mechanical; such reversals form the core of theory povera.

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