The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Streak (easier)

Changing the high string on the pipa for a modern nylon-
wrapped steel one (replacing the nylon one; I was trying
to imitate the Tang) - changed everything with the ins-
trument; it became much more responsive, and notes can
be bent at least a minor third or so. So my play becomes
a streak, constantly changing, covering about three and
a half octaves, and all sorts of techniques - streaking
breathlessly and holding everything in the world at bay.
These include: depression, misery, slaughter, death, sex,
food, drink, friends, leaks, storms, fires, suffering,
pain, sleep, ecstasy, anguish, sadness, happiness, cats,
dogs, virtual worlds, phone-calls, email, messaging,
door-bells, collapsing buildings, arenas, bulldozers,
street-scrapers, jokers, tricksters, pills, salves,
alcohol, self-mutilations, military enlistments, prayer,
offerings, sacrifices, masturbations, runnings, jumpings,
singings, whisperings, yellings, cryings, fallings,
standings, recitings, poetry, cinema, theater, poisons,
guilt, pride, honor, decency, indecency, noise, quiet,
music, sculpture, video, sitcoms, talk shows, reality
shows, hummings, strummings, thumpings, beatings,
caressings, rollings-around, jump-ropings, dodgeball,
basketball, swimming, diving, hoping, despairing,
millings-about, walkings here, walkings there, doorbell
ringing, incantations, sublimations, subalternations,
reconciliations, differentiations, integrations, field
theorizing, quantum fielding, cosmologies, mythologies,
snifflings, sneezing, carpet-vacuumings, eatings,
seatings, defecatings, effacings, defacings, fevers,
elliptical pereginations, sweatings, begettings,
funerals, mournings, evenings, noonings, mornings, and
sundries, mondays, tuesdays, wotan, thor, freida and
mars, moons, saturns, jupiters, entoplanets, asteroids,
exoplanets, dark matters, light matters, and any other
matters such as these - light energy, dark energy, and
any other matters.

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