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September 24, 2012

one tune (easiest)

played on oud, oud with risha, cobza, sarangi, 2 nepalese
sarangis, and afghan sarinda

and the tune doesn't stay the same, and it gets harsher
and i begin to wonder if i know what i'm doing, some of
it seems channeling, some of it seems to be holding onto
an idea of music, some of it seems meditative, maybe
enlightened, some of it is lost. it's what's there in
front of me (before me), some of it makes sense, some of
it begs for another player of the same instrument, some
of it begs for proper tuning, brilliant bowing, some of
it desires something beyond the dolorous, some of it is
just wondering if this can be done, what is it that's
being done, stop making sense, the senseless, some of it
is crying for another master, another mistress, some of
it wants to be heard, some of it is weeping, some of it
is laughing with the harsh word 'joke'


     12	    10	the world is unglued
     15	     3	the image is glued to the screen
     20	     4	the screen is glued to arrays
     12	    10	the world is unglued
     15	     3	the image is glued to the screen
     20	     4	the screen is glued to arrays
Nothing about you seems to make sense except you were unglued.
Somewhere along the line you were glued and then you grewed.
I want to be in bed with someone I love permanently glued.
Of entrapment, throwing oneself to the winds, becoming unglued
and manufacturing, laying their trails; we get glued tothe spoor.
I WANT MY BABY BACK as the nuclear family is again superglued together,
ric_ rabbit-glued to the earth.
There, not glued together, but it is meaning that worlds the world for
unlimited Jennifer unglued replies "Why is my knowledge limited? Why?"
They are "glued" to the real/virtual subject - through earphones, fingers,
massive, they're useless, they're glued together by a constant intensity,
nuclear families eternally glued together; we ignore or downplay the real-
massive, they're useless, they're just stuck there by a constant intensity.
The whole space shuddering, the space is glued to me, i'm burning; within
guitars reglued twice yearly, the piccolo oiled thrice yearly, shakuhachi
and our sticky parts will stick to others ..aways glued and greasy -
     12	    10	the world is unglued
     15	     3	the image is glued to the screen
     20	     4	the screen is glued to arrays
remaining glued to the screen writing and rewriting, my fingers moving
Somewhere along glued grewed. echo "Thus spurned, lurks woods, hides
the glued papoose!"
Please Come unglued, the phone cranks and creaks!
I glued shims under the outer rail support for the secondary
glued to transmission reception, I will be your transitive, I will pass on
all my bad surrealism: glued together like a shoemaker's
particle. Breathe and enter glued earphones
where europe and antarctica glued by africa, decide.
Our sticky parts are stuck to others, always glued and greasy.
I will pass on, remaining glued to the screen looking at all the pretty
pictures, my fingers moving, I think they're moving aren't they.

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