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September 27, 2012

Not Yet Ready for the Big Time

but do need feedback on these - sarangi sarinda violin

I'm frustrated, reaching dead ends, smashing my neural networks,
figuratively speaking, against the figurative wall. Difficult
playing without accompaniment or drone or tabla-box; every
empty space is a vacancy. I go to sleep with headaches wake up
with more. The bowws move at furious pacing out of my control,
my wakefulness mind is crying out, dear god what are we doing
here, and nothing answers. Oh the depths of yada yada yada.
Anyway, feedback greatly appreciated. And these won't remain
up forever or even 'that long,' too embarrassed to fail where
others succeed with their eyes and other organs closed.

34 minutes

boww3 redone, 34 minutes of sarinda that desperately needs
feedback. redone with a very short nepalese sarangi bow
which gives more control and finesse. prefer it now as well
as the music. feedback more than welcomed.

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