The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 30, 2012


played on nepalese sarangi, which is then raised an octave,
mixed with the original with echo. love the sound on this,
but the wood isn't teak, it might be on the sarinda, which
is a similar instrument, but not on this. jay-z's just left
the arena and there are people milling about like crazy in
the streets, every loud. but why teak then, and not a more
resonant title. so far just a lot of yelling, if they come
back onto the roof i'm to call the police. but i won't. not
at 2 a.m. anyway when people are sleeping and the hatch is
hard to open. teak reminds me of the mountains, i like the
tune and sound of the piece. could do it live as well. yes
i could, with an octave doubler and mixer and reverb, that
would work well, yes it would.

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