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October 3, 2012

cleverness and the clever

cleverness has the appearance of universal intelligence.
cleverness is the condition of the object in the digital world.
to be clever means to remain on the obsessive surface of the
catastrophic, punctuated by a tear constituting the imaginary of
a bridge.
the clever object appears to increase knowledge, but in fact
constructs both surface and tear.
cleverness is quickly perceived, understood, and appropriated, as
if it carried the premise and promise of depth.
the clever object is the combination of disparities, coupled and
mapped together; the awkwardness of this suture is the clever.
clever is a level playing field guaranteeing the perception of
knowledge's interior, sidestepping its fractal nature.
cleverness exists within the natural wilderness of the digital,
procuring the analogic through obsessive builds.
cleverness sutures time as well, simultaneously creating and
deconstructing a zeitgeist whose border apparently extends to
the edges of the world.
cleverness appears boundless and sustains itself by leaps and
disparities; it is the enemy of substance, whose depth is
quickly transformed into the titillation of elicit knowledge in
the midst of an appreciative community.
cleverness exchanges use value for exchange, and the
transformation of depth is also the transformation of temporal
continuity to the time-bite.
the obsessive-compulsive machine is employed to the right in the
construction of cleverness, just as the time-hack machine, with
its apparent instanteneity, is employed to the left; in
cleverness time is never the duration of interiority, but is
both the long-shot and/or the jump-cut, which appears as an
cleverness is always exploit; at its heart lies the destruction
or differentiation of long-reading, replacing the analytical by
the aphoristic.
cleverness thus appears to offer the world, blurring boundary;
what might be considered technological is proffered as
phenomenological answer and deployment of philosophical and
general cultural concern.
cleverness is active passivity passing for action.
the clever can be grasped in its imminence, as if the aporia of
the immanence of the world were suspect.
the clever leaves nothing and everything unsaid.
the clever is a circumnavigation of the political, drawing the
strings tighter in its emphasis on quick construction; the
clever is over before it begins.
the political is transformed into the manifesto and petition,
whose contents are buried as marxist superstructure becomes
the clever is an image in both time and space; it is collapse,
but broken collapse; the subject lies in the suture of the
the clever is an epigram whose encapsulated life appears
elsewhere, compressed into a plane, line, or point; life and its
history are thereby immolated; in this sense, cleverness is
cleverness is the wit of an object which appears as metaphoric
totality; it breaks with the tradition of breaking; its humor is
its suffering.
cleverness appearing during the mourning of the mourning of
objects and their inscription; cleverness is always under
look closely at cleverness, and the corporate shyly appears;
cleverness is the product and production of the sponsored world.
cleverness is likely likely; cleverness is amusing.


indix.mp4 at is an index,
indices, indication of attempts at video of For Sasha; each and
every one is arbitrary but designed to bring out other aspects
of the structure; rather than sending these snippets directly
to the trash I thought it would be best to assemble them as yet
another and final take of the slurry and cubic decomposition -

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