The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 12, 2012

two amazing works of unbelievable sound and complexity (best listening) (solo voice)
  highspeed version of the Cyposium talk giving in a few
  hours but here are all my thoughts for the night and
  day sped up so you can absorb the cadence, noise, and
  content without further sound-byte monitoring and
  disassociation/deconstruction which seems the order of
  the day,

  therefore continuing along the same lines, bringing
  the pipa into play after taking Stephen Dydo's advice,
  which is always the best where music and sound are
  concerned, I played the pipa with an old lick I
  remember from years ago, just with fingers and a
  plastic pick on my index, moving somewhat into heaven
  and away from the hell of the day towards perfect
  epiphany (solo pipa)

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