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October 17, 2012

wonderful influence ! for Chris Nolte (listen!)

influence between violin and Nepalese sarangi
the violin is tuned in fifths and fourths
the Nepalese sarangi is tuned in fourth, unison, fifth
this folk sarangi is difficult; the strings are the
same diameter, and are more than a centimeter above
the fingerboard. like a sarangi; the strings are
stopped with the nails. but the three lower strings
narrow, and I find myself playing two together, using
both nail and finger between them. the fingerboard
goes up to the fifth (approximately); after that, the
nails press against the strings without support.
wonderful! so both instruments influence each other
here and I was astounded at the cross-overs; I also
like thie music which is a kind of breakthrough!
please give a listen.
final image

Sung Lisu Proem

played on the sung lisu and recorded until
the battery ran out. the sung lisu is used
in northern Thailand; similar to the samisen
or shamisen, it has three metal strings
which can be used in various tunings. the
instrument is fretless; mine is antique,
with a lizard-skin covered body. it has a
sound similar to the fretless banjo.

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