The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 18, 2012

Whisper Oud

playing the Maurice Shehata oud almost at a whisper
string murmurs come through, harmonics change
whisper oud

sarangi sorrow flesh machine


He knew he was going to die. He couldn't stand it. He resisted with
everything he had left. He screamed, I just want to name things. He
screamed, I know the names of all these things. He screamed, chair, desk,
table. He screamed, moon, sun, stars, comet. He screamed, tree, flowers,
garden, road, car, hair, boy, building, leaves, train, mouth, girl, store,
town. He screamed rug, ring, drum, smile, love. He screamed I know all
these things. I know all these things. He screamed I know them, I know
all these things. He screamed I know these things. He died.

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