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October 20, 2012

duos and soulful tuneless

duos (best)

chris diasparra tenor sax
alan sondheim pipa violin sarangi oud electric saz


soulful tuneless

electric saz for a rainy day.
i don't know what i was thinking.
recently when typing my motor coordination seems to be corrupted.
i'm sleeping 3-5 hours a night of broken dreams.
lalala it's raining out and tinnitus is acting up.
electric saz has its benefits and advantages and features.
for example it can be redundant and repetitious.
it can be overpowering and dominating and it's quick and fast.
the electric saz lalala on a furiously raining day.
i might add So soulful and tuneless this electric saz!
This electric saz leans against a chair, waiting.
i might add nothing on this greyful brightless day.

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