The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

royal waters (best)

solo viola very different from each other

in 1972 my parents' home in Pennsylvania was flooded; I lost
  everything there.
in 1963 a storage closet in Providence was flooded; I lost a
  great number of instruments and other materials.
in 1982 my freight container back from Tasmania was flooded;
  I lost everything.
in 2011 my father's home in Pennsylvania was almost flooded
  after he died; my brother and sister-in-law were evacuated.
in 2011 I was attacked for photographing devastated flood
  areas in Pennsylvania.
in our Brooklyn place, we've had three separate leaks in the
  industrial skylights, leaks along the front wall (the entire
  outer wall of the building had to be replaced), leaks by
  five windows, leaks from the shower, toilet, and sink.
in 2011 I found soaked and moldy work of mine in my father's
  house in Pennsylvania.
around 1975 I almost drowned off the coast of Nova Scotia in
around 2012 I changed my personal pronoun to We.

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