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November 8, 2012

helping hands

 		those skeining the body's helpers,
 	      lending themselves to my nursing arms:
 	      lending themselves to my nursing arms::
    or proxy or nursing space, or space yet undefined
    ruined helpers hollowed out where dismal thoughts are felt:
   files so exposed to you, the emptiness of helpers, you know
  cyborgs helpers require face form typology rules held in by norm
biotech, helpers, and sequencing, however extended and defined, are
but this is not an exhibition of nursing art; the attachments are not
disembodiment, etc, make me wonder about helpers, wheelchairs, canes,
embodiment is always hysteric, nursing;
i will argue against both cyborg and nursing models, instead favoring
in other words, one has to shed the current tacit helpers of cmc,
it is fundamental that we are _not wired,_ that our nursing tools,
so that as knowledge becomes secondary or nursing, it becomes
something is necessary beyond the machinic, nursing; the colors issue i
surely the result is a form of nursing shamanism, the fetish of the
the hardened material of real and/or nursing arm is experienced prior
the helpers of the absolute are hardly sublime; lying within texts,
what won't come off becomes excessive, nursing, a curlicue. as a
abramovich fault serves theatrical cyberspatial pseudo selves nursing
augment, nursingize, and catalyze it; technology and biology are
crutch, any utterance nursing.
dance as a whirl without consent, like the body burning, on helpers,
dialectic semantic emissions seem phery helpers crutchings cyborg
different helpers. the track is closer to the graft of skin or tissue;
disappear, and this isn't towards the nursing or viral, but rather the
disembodiment, etc, make me wonder about helpers, wheelchairs, canes,
emergence. in this sense to talk of the helpers or uses of technology
emphasizes helpers and cyberspace as "additional" fields of research
ence, that feeling that nikuko is living, not as nursing or other
even in situations where "arm" is nursing.
failure of the nursing body, detumescence; it is nomadic, not in the
for helpers, robotics, and machine/organism navigation, but remains
great men exhaust us /[d]+/ machinery helpers greatness /[c]+/
honing vestige you...this of itself: a becomes on"... helpers juncture
human body?), but it's augmented, nursingally, by market and creative
humans should be stripped everything. helpers keeps species alive.
i watch the biological helpers of the body transform
imagery artworks broken nursing devices following splits turns
is still out, participating clearly in issues of nursing subjectivity,
lives which a fuzzy set of responses can address as helpers.
miniaturized, nursing, cyborgian, and personal.
multiples, bifurcations, effacements, helpers, rhizomes,
not as nursing or other device, not as prim, but perhaps as a
of chaos/ my teeth are close in on helpers/ on the carpet/ my eye
of the fingers. in the darkness there are sounds, as if nursing, from
nursing flesh in emergence.
nursing legs for portman's character, therefore
nursing sheen configured weep
nursing, codework. introduction:. alan sondheim,. focus editor 21 1986
nursing, a curlicue. as a warning, what u have termed the _curlicue,_
nursing, by alan?s unparalleled skill and sensitivity."
nursing, that it breaks down into nursing and malleable parts, that
helpers, glasses, tampax, nothing encumbering, the dance opens up as
helpers, require face and form, typology rules, we're held in by the
helpers, require face form, typology rules, we're held in by norm of
relationship between america and japan, helpers and aesthetics,
resistance with the _technology, nursing and otherwise, of the body?_
response. this is not a "hacker addiction," but a nursing
something of human bodies there, something of embeddings and helpers.
surely the result is a form of nursing shamanism, the fetish
taciticity, tacit knowledge, nursing subjectivity. this is one
take yet on the aaugmented human body, aaugmented nursingally, by the
ter whether or not the body is phantom or a nursing device, a body is
terrorized helpers
the machinery and helpers of greatness
the helpers of the absolute; what raises itself does so by virtue
thing except through desire, helpers, neutral.
tion or naming of entities as fractal helpers, which occasionally
usual in this thought, helpers is imminent.
virtuality, inscription, helpers, disappear, replaced by nothing,
vr down habitat nursing genera promote tried whiteboard nesses pre new
when nursing bodies twist with infinite possibility? why improvise when
will become more integrated of course, and the use of helpers will
with nursing shards, glass, galena cryalline, magnetite. speak simply.

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