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Fire Museum Presents:

Alan Sondheim/ Chris Diasparra/ Azure Carter Trio

Bhob Rainey & Chris Forsyth

Cotton Poodle

Saturday, November 17th 8:00PM
Highwire Gallery
2040 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA
$6-$8 sliding scale

Alan Sondheim/Chris Diasparra/Azure Carter (Brooklyn):

Starting with releases on the ESP Disk and Riverboat labels in the late
60's, multi-instrumentalist Alan Sondheim returns to Philadelphia this
time performing in a trio with Chris Diasparra (sax) & Azure Carter
(vocals). About his Fire Museum release Ski/nn, The Wire had this to say:
?He wades into each track using a strong sense of rhythm to tame and shape
his often harshly dissonant figures. Whether at a stately pace or in rapid
scrabble, the music evokes an ethnographic hybrid of countless string
instrument traditions, from koto to bluegrass, vigorously wiping past
idiomatic technique as it does so.?

Christopher Diasparra is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and improvisor.
He is an active performer, playing a range of diverse styles including
punk rock, soul, and freely improvised. In addition to performing,
Christopher works as a freelance consultant to record labels where he has
had the great fortune of working alongside his musical heroes. Christopher
Diasparra is currently recording his debut release as a leader which will
fuse his broad musical tastes.

Azure Carter is an artist/performer/vocalist living in New York City with
her husband/collaborator, Alan Sondheim. She has a bachelor's degree in
contemporary art history from UCI and a master's degree in environmental
conservation from NYU. She writes songs and texts, makes videos and
costumes, and performs live.

Bhob Rainey/Chris Forsyth (Philadelphia):

Bhob Rainey, a soprano saxophonist and composer, is best known as a solo
artist and as one half of Nmperign, with whom he plays alien extended
technique effects that are influenced by electronic music, environmental
sounds and free improvisation.

Rainey studied at the New England Conservatory of Music with free jazz
saxophonist Joe Maneri. Rainey's music during his early- to mid-twenties
was, like Maneri's, characterized by long microtonal lines. Rainey's first
CD, Ink, featuring Dan DeChellis, was released in 1997. After a
controversial 1998 solo concert in Washington D. C. attracted a
considerable amount of attention to Rainey's music, he and trumpeter Greg
Kelley formed Nmperign with the goal of avoiding linear approaches to form
and melodic contour. Nmperign, including Rainey, Kelley and Tatsuya
Nakatani, recorded its first CD in 1998. Since 1998, Rainey has recorded
extensively, including a number of projects with nmperign (minus Nakatani)
and collaborations with musicians and composers like Jason Lescalleet, Le
Quan Ninh, Ralf Wehowsky, etc. He continues to pursue a more sound-based
(as opposed to note-based) approach in his work with nmperign, whereas his
solo work, while far from traditional, often involves the use of more
melodic lines. Since 2000, he has also led the bsc, a large ensemble that
uses both acoustic instruments and electronics.- bio

?Chris Forsyth?s resonant, incisive sound is a cosmic abstraction of the
American guitar tradition, reducing blues, rock, folk and improvisation
into their spare, hypnotic base elements. He takes that approach to its
most audacious extreme with his score for Robert Frank?s infamous Rolling
Stones doc Cocksucker Blues, the first 10 minutes of which is excerpted on
his latest CD, Kenzo Deluxe (Northern Spy). As Frank?s jittery camera pans
across Mick, Keith and the boys, Forsyth kaleidoscopically represents
their swagger, youthful excess and leering appropriation of the blues with
echoing slapback licks that pout and strut airily like an unmoored Jagger
wandering in the wilderness. Lately based in Philly, the ex-Peeesseye
guitarist regularly collaborates with a wide array of free-thinking
experimentalists, honing a concept that reframes the American primitives
of John Fahey?s Takoma school amid the rubble of modern rock.? - Shaun

Cotton Poodle (Philadelphia):

For this Performance Cotton Poodle are Sam Cusumano, Eugene Lew, Sam
Belkowitz and possibly Aaron Igler via remote. Cotton Poodle perform in
ensemble an experiment in tonal dynamics and aural placement. Please come
and enjoy!

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