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November 17, 2012

ghichak and lilt (best) (ghichak?) (tenor recorder)

ghichak with violin bow. here's the deal: i still can't
identify this, it's driving me crazy. kabul art has a
similar but much simplified instrument listed as ghichak
but this seems very different; it's also different from
the ghichaks on youtube, but then there are ghichaks
related to iranian fiddles -
"ghichak is a spike fiddle like the Iranian kamancheh."
but then there are iranian fiddles called ghichaks or
something similar - strangely suroz and sarinda seem also
similar and then this instrument is also related to them,
while sarinda is similar to the nepalese sarangi which is
not similar to the sarangi even though bor relates the
sarinda as such, perhaps it is via the sindhi sarangi or
other folk instrument? but then what constitutes folk as
opposed or supplementary to, classical? this is my issue
and bor has the most amazing and complete analysis of the
sarangi - every, so for me it gets increasingly difficult
to make sense out of this, much less to understand the
subtleties of the instruments in general, not including
the bow which comes with its own set of problems, for
example, over- or under-hand bowing, not to mention the
newer maybe afghani ghichak definitely suroz-like but
streamlined and played overhand if i'm not mistaken. so
there's the problem of the rosin, the strings, holding
the instrument, the tuning or tunings, and why so many
birds; at least count, we found fourteen on the ghichak,
which is my temporary name for it, at least.

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