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November 19, 2012

Last Night at the Highwire in Philadelphia

Chris Diasparra, baritone Sax
Azure Carter, voice and songs
Alan Sondheim, ghichak, violin, oud, cura cumbus
(from my zoom h2, better recording possibly coming soon)
(hopefully video coming soon)

really happy with the music - sounds fantastic to me!
thanks Chris and Azure, and Steve and Leah and
everyone else at Highwire!

great audio from Saturday night, short video documentation

great audio from the Highwire gig board-feed
by Sam Cusumano - (sax somewhat soft, everything clear) -
(who said it was room-miked with iphone 3gs and blue mikey) - (easier)

video link from the Highwire gig

The whole show - can link to our performance and others
from here -

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