The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the virtuous city (best)

the virtuous, for whom to give thanks, rampage and ravage,
for whom the slaughter, for whom the last gesture of the
hands, last moment where _i hear_ such as music, as what
might be passed to you, this bonfire of pipa and violin,
this spark of genius in the ashes of auschwitz and
plymouth colony, origin of rendering for our mutual
history, read and destroyed. for whom the slaughter or
birds and other animals to fill our greed of religion,
gold, and what remains. the earth is remnant, remain,
residue, the earth is history always and already beneath
effacement, what erasure have i on the past's truncation,
why this presence of genius ego in the midst of ego, to
which nothing answers, nothing succumbs, but everything,
so much fostering left, so much allure

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